About Us

We knew we wanted to publish books.

Since 2003 our team of editors, writers and designers have supported the publishing efforts of hundreds of individuals, businesses and ministries. We developed our skills and honed our talents and knew that one day we would publish our own authors, speakers and ministry leaders. 

In 2017 we published our first devotional.

When one of our developmental editors expressed that having a small platform made it difficult for her to get noticed by larger traditional publishers we knew 2017 was our year to step into faith-based publishing. We signed our first publishing contract with Wendy Hamilton the Founder of Inspired Life Ministries, Inspired Moms  and Inspired Teens for three one-month devotionals as part of her 30 Verses ™  devotional series.  The first devotional, 30 Verses to Heal a Mama's Heart, was released November 2017.

We want to publish more authors.

Our vision is to be a publisher that gives first time authors or authors with great ideas but smaller platforms, a chance. Everyone needs to start somewhere and we love introducing our readers to  first-time authors. The heart of our company's mission statement is we bring inspired ideas to life. Our goal is to publish books that encourage, teach and inspire our readers.

You are our best marketing strategy and well-written books and devotionals are our approach to earn your loyalty and ensure that you share us with your family and friends.  Instead of conventional and costly marketing strategies, we want to invest in our authors and give them what they need to grow and expand their business and ministry platforms. We are taking a risk but we believe the results will show that our investment in our authors and our unconventional publishing ideas are exactly what our readers and the market needs.